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Pacific Range Hoods F.A.Q.

Which is better, ducted or ductless?
Range hoods should be ducted to the outside of the home. While duct free filters trap some of the grease and odors from light cooking, the humidity, smoke and heat will all be re-circulated back into the home. Ducted Range hoods are recommended.
What does CFM mean?
CFM stands for Cubic feet per Minute of exhausting airflow. It is used to rate and compare air movements. Choosing a range hood with higher CFM is recommended for intense cooking.
How far can I run my duct work to exhaust my hood?
for best results, keep the duct straight and short. Using the shortest route and fewest turns will result in maximum performance. Always use an external roof or wall cap.
How high should I mount my hood above my stove?
We recommend that the distance from the cooking surface to the bottom of the hood should be 26”-30” unless otherwise noted for a specific hood or range.
Can I use a 4” duct as opposed to a 6” duct?
Never use 4” dryer duct or any plastic duct on a range hood installation. The minimum size duct allowed on our range hoods is 6”. Using 8" would be suitable as well.
How come there's no suction power and air is flowing in?
Check to make sure that a 6"ducting was used throughout the installation process and make sure that both opening ends has a 6" opening.  Check to see if there's any obstruction or damage to the ductwork and if the ducting has been loosen from the range hood.
Why does my control panel indicate blinking or flashing lights?
Some hoods blink or flash to indicate an alert. Please see manual for explanation or feel free to email or call us.  customer service:  TEL: 312-326-3222 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
When do I turn on the range hood?
Turn on the range hood BEFORE you turn on your flame, also it is recommended to leave your range hood on 3-5 minutes after you finish cooking to remove the rest of the residual fumes.
What is the best way to clean the surface of my hood?
For stainless steel hoods, the surface should be washed regularly with a clean warm cloth along with a mild detergent. Be careful to not use abrasive cloths which may scratch the finish of the hood. Be careful to not use harsh chemical cleaners on color coated hoods. Harsh chemical cleaners or detergents may loosen the paint off the hoods.
What is the best way to clean the inside of my hood?
Purchase a hood that has an AUTO CLEAN feature, such as Pacific Brand Range Hoods. With the press of a button and within 38 secs, the eternal housing will be cleaned with no intense cleaning involved.
Can I replace an over the range microwave with a Range Hood?
Yes that is possible. Need more assistance? Please contact us.
Is a cabinet above the hood required to mount the product?
No, Cabinets are optional. We also carry hoods that don’t require cabinets  such as wall mount hoods.
Is the hood width the actual measurement that is listed?
No, They are between an 1/8” and 1/4” smaller.
What is the warranty and return policy?
Please see Returns & Exchange policy
Is the Duct included?
No, ducts and various other materials are sold separately.

Buffalo Cookware F.A.Q.

How does Buffalo Clad differ from traditional 5 Ply Cookware?
Owning one of the four largest stainless steel plants in the world, Buffalo is an OEM for many companies in Europe, America, Japan and Asia, manufacturing multilayer composite stainless steel products per client requests. We have discovered through endless experiments that excessively layered composite metal in cookware is both inconvenient and energy inefficient.  Not only does heat conduction slows down requiring more energy, but most importantly the metal weights significantly heavier risking damage to wrists of the users.  Hence Buffalo proudly pioneers its unique Buffalo steel technology to address the above problems.
How does Buffalo Cookware, which is made in Malaysia, maintain such high quality?
Buffalo is a 50-year-old Taiwanese brand actively traded in the Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange.  Backed by one of the four largest stainless steel factories in the world, Buffalo specializes in manufacturing high-quality cookware exporting to Europe, America and Japan.  Resulting from more than 50 years of relentless innovation in the stainless steel industry, we have been awarded the Excellent Quality Brand Award. You can rely on our expertise and confidence in making quality cookware. In fact, many of our customers have used Buffalo cookware for decades without any problems.
Can I remove the Air Ventilator for cleaning? What material is it made of?
The Air Ventilator is conveniently designed to be removable for cleaning.  It is made of silicon, which is the same material used in baby pacifiers, known to withstand high heat and non-reactive to food.  Rest assured to know that Buffalo takes your health and safety very seriously.
What should I do about the rainbow like discoloration or white residue?
Our exclusively polished, wear-resistant surface is made to withstand everyday wear and tear.  The rainbow-like discoloration and white residue resulting from occasionally boiling of water, oil-free or low oil cooking, or build-up of mineral particles in food are normal and do not impede cooking performance.  They disappear upon coming in contact with cooking oil, or can be cleaned by the Buffalo cleaning powder to stay sparkling new.
What if Buffalo Cookware starts sticking, caused by improper use?
Buffalo cookware uses high quality Buffalo Clad which spread heat rapidly and evenly. These unique features make food not easy to stick on a heated pot. So if you encounter sticking problems, maybe it is because the oil is not heated up enough, or the food is flipped before it’s completely cooked. The cookware can be cleaned while it is still hot, making cleaning so easy.
Unlike coated cookware, the layer can be easily scratched and harmful to our health.
Does reacting to magnets mean Buffalo Clad is not made of 100% pure stainless steel?
This is a very common misconception of stainless steel alloy.  Extreme heat in the manufacturing process can magnetize the core of stainless steel, producing what is known as "Magnetic Stainless Steel", regardless of alloy composition; on the other hand, addition of chromium also exhibits magnetic property, which enables induction stoves.  In conclusion, verifying the purity of stainless steel with magnets is unreliable.
How do I clean my new Buffalo Clad before using? Do I need to preseason and cure the cookware prior to use?
Neither is necessary.  Manufacturers who require consumers to clean their cookware before using for the first time do not thoroughly remove residual industrial chemicals and polishing agents, which often amount to 3 to 4 different types and cannot go away even in boiling water.  These manufacturers effectively burden consumers with sterilizing cookware on their own.
Importing professional cleaning equipments from Europe and the USA, Buffalo employs a 5-step pure cleaning process to eliminate all oily residues, ensuring every piece of cookware is absolutely clean when delivered to consumers.  Simply rinse with water as the cookware may have been unavoidably touched by workers during packaging.
Only a responsible manufacturer will put as much effort into the cleaning process as Buffalo, consequently our stringent quality control effort has garnered international quality certifications from Japan SG, USA FDA and ISO9001.  These three international certifications offer the greatest protection to consumers.
Will paint on the cooking surface peel off? Can I scrub with sponge or steel wool?
Stainless steel cookware can be scrubbed regularly, because the cleaning process helps forming a new layer of chromium trioxide, which resists corrosion and oxidation, maintaining the cookware sparkling new. Prolong exposure to salty leftovers may cause putting, which is chemical reaction that reduces the lifespan of the cookware. Salt residue should not remain in cookware of any material, including stainless steel, and should be cleaned promptly to avoid damaging your cookware surface eventually leading to rust and corrosion.
Will there be a lot of smoke when using Buffalo Cookware?
Buffalo cookware spread heat rapidly and evenly, so only low and medium heat is needed. Under normal use, Buffalo clad produces far less smoke than using other cookware.
Can I cook over high heat?
Buffalo Stainless Steel cookware employs its world exclusive "Thickness Discrepancy" Design to increase heat efficiency by 30% comparing to conventional cookware on the market, making it possible to cook over medium heat delivering results of high heat.

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